Shopping for Silver Earrings at a Jewellery Online Store

Buying Earrings Online is pretty easy these days. Having said that if you are buying jewellery online, including silver earrings, then there are a few things to consider.

In general buying jewellery online today is far safer than it may have been a few years ago however the old adage of buyer beware still applies. Smarter search engine algorithms, customer feedback and customer loyalty have pretty much sorted the fly by nighters to the tail end of search results, so you are not likely to find them in the first ten pages or so of results.

Earrings of all types are available online. In visiting about 5 or 6 of the better jewellery online sites you will have a choice of earrings far beyond what you thought possible, certainly far more than you will find in brick and mortar jewellery stores.

Silver earrings are the most popular mainly due to their cost compared to gold earrings and the fact that silver is so versatile, it goes with anything whether it be casual day to day wear, dressy or formal.
Silver earrings, like gold earrings, come in many various styles or types. These earring styles include stud earrings, drop or dangle earrings, hoop earrings and the ever popular chandelier earrings and a wonderful collection of clip on earrings,amongst others. Some silver earrings are adorned with gemstones or precious stones to enhance their appeal and highlight particular features of the wearer. Women often coordinate not only earrings styles but also the colour of the gemstones in the earrings to match the clothes that they are wearing, e.g. Sterling Silver Earrings with Ruby Gemstones with a Red evening gown and so on.

Sterling Silver is the highest quality of Silver Jewellery including Earrings of course. What is called “Silver”, in the case of silver jewellery or silver earrings is often not sterling silver but silver plated jewellery, or silver plated earrings. This type of silver jewellery falls ostensibly into the category of Costume Jewellery and in most cases the word “plated” is dropped so that in the case of silver jewellery, and in particular in this instance earrings, the commonly used descriptions will be either silver earrings or sterling silver earrings.

If you are particularly after sterling silver earrings then you must be satisfied that the silver is indeed sterling silver and that the earrings are not just silver plated. Sterling Silver is generally recognizable by two things – first and foremost sterling silver will carry the “925” quality mark indicating it meets the standard of 92.5% silver content. In Sterling Silver Earrings the 925 mark is often on the earring hook as well as somewhere on the earring if possible and does not interfere with the aesthetics of the earring.
The other way to tell Sterling Silver earrings from silver plated is often by the “sheen or lustre” of the silver – sterling silver has a distinct lustre whilst silver plated costume jewellery will tend to have a “brighter” colouration – somewhat like looking at a colour chart with the costume jewellery silver plating being the “shinier” looking of the two. Sterling Silver is not dull however its lustre is duller than the really shiny look of silver plating. Experienced eyes can often tell the difference fairly easily.

Now this is almost impossible to do when buying your silver earrings from a jewellery online store so you will have to trust the description of the item and the 925 mark if shown on the image you are looking at.
One tip – after you receive your sterling silver earrings have a close look at them and maybe compare the lustre to some costume jewellery (silver plated) earrings that you own.

If you feel they look “fake” then maybe have a jeweller take a quick look at them for you – a jewellery, not all “jewellery chain stores” actually have jewellers on staff. I say this because some unscrupulous dealers will use “925” marked sterling silver earring hooks whilst the rest of the earring may not be sterling silver. Most of these rogues are being sorted out these days so it doesn’t happen too often. If not happy with them then contact the site where you purchased them asking to return them for a full refund.

This trust comes initially from buying first time and then the trust factor increases as you find a good reliable online jewellery store to purchase your jewellery from on a regular basis, like finding that Butcher or Baker that you are comfortable with. Most online jewellery stores these days will gladly refund your purchase if you are not happy with it so that can often be a backstop for trusting the site for that first time.

About the Author: Mike OShannessy is an expert in Sterling Silver Jewellery and writes for a number of jewellery online sites